Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Loyiso Gola

Loyiso Gola is big in South Africa and getting bigger in the UK, where you may have seen him recently on Mock The Week. He has been Emmy-nominated twice and won the Comics' Choice Award. Returning to the Fringe with his new show entitled Unlearning, he sets out to challenge society's norms and aims to make you question everything you thought you knew about politics, race, history and more, all delivered with his signature satirical wit. 

Loyiso Gola: Unlearning is at the Gilded Balloon Teviot from Aug 2 - 28. Tickets here.






1. What is the last thing you do before you go onstage (apart from check your flies and/or check your knickers aren't sticking out of your skirt and check for spinach between your teeth )?

During festivals, it's remove my venue pass from neck. Last year I forgot to take it off a couple of times. It looks tacky on stage. 

2. What irritates you?

Fanatics of anything

3. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

Going to the USA because I am a 33-year-old unarmed black man. 

4. What is the most stupid thing you have ever done?

Checked into a flight 24 hours before and miss the flight. 

5. What has surprised you the most during your career in comedy?

How far my comedy travels has surprised me. Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Zambia, London, Lagos, Switzerland, Australia, USA.

Interview continues here.

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