Review: Josie Long, Live From The BBC, iPlayer

Let’s hope Nigel Farage doesn’t watch Live from the BBC or he might spontaneously combust when he sees Josie Long’s set. For those that are convinced that the BBC is run by a secret cabal of card-carrying hardcore socialists Josie Long’s “lefty til I die” stance could be used as prima facie evidence. Never mind the Beeb showing Corbyn at Glastonbury, this is more licence payer’s money being spent on Bolshevik propaganda. 

Which is bullshit of course. This edited version of Something Better, Long’s last show (short Long if you like) finds the comedian in a surprisingly upbeat, optimistic, forgiving and tolerant post-Brexit mood. Long – “bad posture but a good heart” – is always keen to see the positives in the most negative of situations and she displays that quality brilliantly here.

Oh, and she is very funny too. Particularly when she talks about hitting 34 and discovering a liking for architecture, Adele and Pinot Grigio. Going “on the Grig” as she calls it. There is certainly a left wing message here, but Long has the charm and charisma to sway any floating voters. Not sure if she could win over UKIP though. 

Yes, of course there is the inevitable swipe at the Mail which she probably enjoys more than the audience. But this is a show that leaves you feeling that things would be a lot worse if there weren’t people like Josie Long in the world. And it will also leave you laughing.

Watch here.



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