TV/Online: Coconut, BBC iPlayer

Is the world ready for an Anglo-Asian David Brent? That feels like the premise of this new online series starring Humza Arshad as hapless reporter Ahmed Armstrong, who works for local - make that very local – TV channel Pak Nation.

Coconut draws on familiar fly-on-the-wall tropes to portray Armstrong as the useless fall guy. He is seen cracking bad jokes and being inappropriate with his colleagues, invading their personal space. And when he is out of earshot we hear what his co-workers really think of him.

The twist, however, is that he is very successful. And also that he is pro-Brexit. As ‘gentleman documentarian’ Armstrong reports on modern Britain from Dagenham and Becontree where there was a strong leave vote maybe he is touching a nerve. Or maybe he is just touching people who don't want to be touched.

But perhaps he is going to have to up his game, suggests his boss, played by Nina Wadia. In the first episode there is also a new more cool reporter on the block called Tommy Khan who is making waves...

It's the comedy of cringe then and it doesn't feel very original. Then again This Country drew heavily on the mockumentary style of The Office and was a big hit. Maybe Coconut, which consists of much shorter online episodes, will grow into something bigger over the weeks. One to keep tabs on.

Watch episode one here.


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