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6. What do your parents think of your job?

I'm lucky both my parents were always supportive of my desire to be a performer. Ever since I was a kid they've told me I could be whatever I want. 

7. What’s the worst thing about being a comedian?

It's essentially running a small business so everything that goes with that: invoicing, making sure online content is up and running, promoting. All of the stuff that isn't being funny on stage or writing funny things to say on stage. 

8. I think you are very good at what you do (that’s why I’m asking these questions). What do you think of you?

Why, thank you!!! That's kind of you to say. I know artists are supposed to be self-effacing - but I think I'm good. I know I can go into any room at 8pm on a Friday night and make strangers laugh. That being said, I want to be better and sometimes I go see other great comics and then fall into despair because my brain doesn't work like theirs and then I'm afraid I'll never be funny enough. And then sometimes after an Edinburgh run, I fall apart because I'm now faced with writing a new show and I think I've just put every last good idea into the show just gone so how can I ever get better if I've already written all the jokes I could ever come up with?! So yes, I also think I'm good...when I'm not despairing over how inadequate I am. 

9. How much do you earn and how much would you like to earn?

I earn enough to live in London and afford to buy lager and food out on occasion. I'd like to earn enough that I can fill an entire room with gold pound coins and go swimming in them!! 

10. How important is luck in terms of career success – have you had lucky breaks?

Luck only shows up if you put in the work. So no I haven't had any lucky breaks. I've had opportunities because I've spent years figuring out how to be funny. 

11. Alan Davies has said that comedians fall into two categories -golfers and self-harmers. The former just get on with life, the latter are tortured artists. Which are you – or do you think you fit into a third category?

I'm definitely a golfer...who sometimes beats herself senseless with her own nine iron. 

12. Who is your favourite person ever and why – not including family or friends or other comedians?

Alan Cumming. He loves yoga, drinking, theatre, and puppies. I think if given the chance we'd be great friends who could get up to a lot of trouble together. 

13. Do you keep your drawers tidy and if not why not? (please think long and hard about this question, it's to settle an argument with my girlfriend. The future of our relationship could depend on your response).

I fold everything nice and neatly in my drawers. It makes it easier when I’m frantically throwing everything out of them to find that one top I put at the bottom of the pile for some un-godly reason. Also, once all the clothes are on the floor, it's easy to stuff them back in the drawers with no rhyme or reason but that's only because I know I folded them neatly before. 

Abigoliah Schamaun: Namaste, Bitches is at the Underbelly, Cowgate from August 3 - 27. Tickets here.



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