News: New BBC Satire Show To Start This Month

The new BBC2 satire show The Mash Report is due to start later this month on July 20.

Comedian Nish Kumar will front this topical news show that will keep audiences informed on everything that has happened – or not happened – that week. All with help from the writers from website The Daily Mash.

In front of a live studio audience and with the help of his news team including comedic talent Ellie Taylor, Steve N Allen, Andrew Hunter Murray and Rachel Parris, they will analyse the week’s news stories, brilliantly lampooning everything from hard news to showbiz and zeitgeist cultural phenomena.

Roving reporters will deliver special reports giving robust and up to the minute analysis of the headlines that really matter – Lib Dems To Get Website; Luxury Watch Successfully Impresses Fellow Bell-ends; There Is No Ball, Admit Table Tennis Players - giving a fascinating insight into this post-truth world we live in.   

Kumar says “After a year of political shocks, perhaps the biggest and most alarming is that I will be hosting a topical comedy show on BBC 2. My sincere hope is that by the time the show starts the UK will have formed a government for us to satirise.”

The first four episodes will air from July on BBC2 with the remaining six airing in November.



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