News: Comedy Central To Broadcast Jim Jefferies Show In UK

Comedy Central US’s new late-night show The Jim Jefferies Show, fronted by the outspoken and brutally honest Australian comedian, comes to the UK from this Friday 23rd June.

Hollywood A-Lister Brad Pitt will make a regular guest star appearance in the series as a pessimistic and foreboding weatherman, giving the audience a hilariously bleak outlook on the weather. 

Each week, Jefferies will tackle the week’s top stories from behind his desk and travel the globe to far-off locations to provide an eye opening look at hypocrisy around the world. He confronts international issues head-on, including offering a comic perspective on the current political landscape in the UK.

Featuring interviews, international field pieces, and man on the ground investigations, Jefferies will cover the most controversial issues, all through the lens of his distinctive brand of comedy. 

The Jim Jefferies Show, Fridays at 11:30pm on Comedy Central UK from June 23.

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