News: Vic And Bobs Big Night Out – New Series?

Could the BBC's rebooted Big Night Out be more than just one reunion episode?

Beyond The Joke has heard that when the show was filmed last night at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden it was referred to as a "pilot" rather than a "one-off reunion". There has been speculation that if it all works out a series could follow.

As you can see from the picture here the set is much slicker than the original Big Night Out set, which featured all sort of props on the desk. This design looks like something from Shooting Stars-era V&B.

Note that the title of the show is now Vic & Bobs Big Night Out (no apostrophe in 'Bob's')

Reports suggest that the show included a song about Geordie trousers, First Dates, Policeman's sports day. Novelty Island was back with Graham Lister and handbag and paddock featuring Rod Stewart and his arse kicking machine. Plus a dachshund with a musical arse. Banksy, Olly Murs and Idris Elba also put in an appearance. 


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