News: Joel Dommett & Nish Kumar Travelogue Goes To Comedy Central

Comedy Central UK has acquired Rumpus Media’s Joel and Nish vs the World. It will air later this year on the channel.

The six-part series follows comedians Joel Dommett and Nish Kumar as they meet some of the fittest people in the world. Dommett takes on various physical challenges while Kumar explores their lifestyles.

The series is distributed by BBC Worldwide and is being sold around the world - in territories outside the UK it will be known as Tribal Bootcamp.

Countries visited include Mongolia, Kenya, Mexico and Brazil. Dommett posted the accompanying picture on Instagram when they were in Kenya.

Dommett recently told me about the series. "Staying with the Shaolin monks in China was insane. I had to fight a 15-year-old. He punched me in the lip and then the nose and I bled all over my kung fu suit.”

In Mexico he ran an ultra marathon. "32 miles up and down mountains against people in their sixties wearing jeans and sandals. I had to change from sandals into trainers after 8 miles."

Joel and Nish vs the World will air later this year.



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