TV Preview: The Keith & Paddy Picture Show: Return of the Jedi, ITV1

The third instalment of this series in which Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness recreate an iconic Hollywood movie in half an hour with the help of an all-star cast.

After Dirty Dancing and Ghostbusters this week's edition features their version of Return of the Jedi. No Harrison Ford, the guest stars include Michelle Keegan, Phillip Schofield and Ant and Dec. Sounds like they walked into the ITV canteen with a big net.

Cue Wookie gags, light sabres and Princess Leia hairdos. 

Watch a clip below. 

To be honest if you like this sort of thing may not be the website for you, but thanks for visiting anyway.

Here's a piece about the Dirty Dancing episode.

The Keith & Paddy Picture Show: Return of the Jedi, Saturday, May 20, ITV1, 9.20pm.

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