Video: Daniel Sloss Offers His Estimated Guide To Scotland

Comedian Daniel Sloss has released a new guide to debunk Scottish stereotypes.

In  a series of videos he takes on the inaccurate cliches associated with Scotland, from the assumption that Scottish men wear kilts every day of the year (64 per cent say they never wear a kilt) and eat Haggis at least once a week (21 per cent never eat Haggis). The videos tie in with a new campaign to encourage people to install smart meters to get accurate electricity and gas readings.

Daniel Sloss says: “My job means I get to travel the world to perform, and I’ve always found estimations of our people and cultures to be a bit easy and often inaccurate. Like we don’t all have red hair, wear kilts or have bad teeth but when tourists come over we definitely do have a 50-foot beast in Loch Ness that only eats toffee. In the Estimated Guide to Scotland I’ve set out to research, discuss and explore just what estimates of us, the North of the Wall Wildings, are accurate, close to the truth or just complete nonsense.”

Watch below:


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