Video: Stephen Bailey On The Lack Of Gay Men On Game Shows

Comedian Stephen Bailey has spoken out about the lack of gay comedians on panel shows. In his new video clip he asks "Where are the gays? Where are we? Like Mock The Week, I've not seen a gay man on that in years. I think the last one was Stephen K Amos and that was in 2007 I think."* He goes on to claim there is an absence of gay men on A League of Their Own and Play To The Whistle: "We play sports too...I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do." Bailey says that "laddy" shows need to book more gay men, particularly in this, the 50th anniversary of the legalisation of homosexuality, to show that "we are just like you."

Bailey is currently on tour with his latest show, Nation's Sweetheart. When he performed the show in Edinburgh last summer a man proposed to his partner mid-performance. New dates here.

Watch Bailey talk about gay men and panel shows here.

*It's likely that there have been more gay women than gay men on Mock The Week. According to Wikipedia Zoe Lyons has appeared on the show 11 times.

Stephen Bailey is on Sunday Morning Live on August 5.



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