TV Review: Catastrophe, Series 3

The honeymoon is definitely over. Series three of Catastrophe picks up at the point where Rob has found a receipt for the morning after pill. In an earlier scene at the end of Series 2 Sharon had drunkenly ended up with a younger, frankly sexier-than-Rob man. So where do they go from here?

As I said the honeymoon is definitely over for the fiery couple. And in a way it feels as if the honeymoon is over for the series too. This is certainly not a backlash review, but this episode feels darker and more serious than before.

Catastrophe always had a bleak streak running through it, but it certainly felt to me as if it was accompanied by a lot more gags in the past. I really enjoyed Divorce, the show Sharon Horgan worked on with Sarah Jessica Parker and this episode has more of an echo of that as fictional Rob and fictional Sharon’s marriage hangs in the balance. 

Obviously - spoiler alert – they haven’t split up just yet. Instead they find themselves having to pull together when there is a domestic incident. Meanwhile Rob is having issues at work where he had been suspended after an accusation of sexual harrassment that has now gone away. But is it time for him to move on to new pastures career-wise?

So this series kicks off with a lot of potential changes, but the main issue is Rob’s dilemma. Does he confront Sharon about his suspicions and, if he does, how does he deal with a denial? I didn’t mean to make it sound as if this episode is a sobfest, there are some lovely acidic lines and laughs in it - I certainly chuckled every time someone used the phrase “big load”. The script is still good, just not wall-to-wall hilarity. I guess that makes it more real.

I just hope that Rob and Sharon stay together - more for the sake of the series than for the sake of the kids. Delaney and Horgan have such fantastic chemistry in every scene they share I’m surprised they haven’t run away together in real life. But if nothing else writing this series is a constant reminder that love affairs are never, ever simple.

Tuesdays, 10pm, C4, from February 28. Watch Episode 1 here.

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