Xmas Animation Narrated By Phoebe "Fleabag" Waller-Bridge

A new seasonal video has been released which is voiced by Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The 12 Days Of Christmas: A Tale Of Avian Misery explores the challenge of trying to fit an entire farmyard's-worth of poultry into a small North London flat. 

In this modern re-telling of the traditional song the gifting strategy is scrutinised and shown to be absolute lunacy. How do you cope with such an onslaught of Christmas generosity on a daily basis (including an unwanted duck pond being built in your front garden?). And what do you do when everyone around you seems to have come down with Christmas madness? That’s what Phoebe must find out.

The film was written by Craig Ainsley and produced by Anomaly.

Oli Beale, Executive Creative Director at Anomaly says: "At Anomaly, if we find something interesting or funny or entertaining or bird-related, we just like to make it. And we have the people here needed to bring almost anything to life. (Within reason. We’re not going to, like, invent a new space ship or something. But production wise, we can do the full shebang)."

Update 23/12: The animation has now been picked up by BBC3 online. Watch it below.



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