News: New TV Series For Micky Flanagan

Micky Flanagan is returning to Sky 1 with a new series, Thinking Aloud, which will see him declutter his mind of the big questions that keep us all up at night.
The six part series, which starts on Sky 1 at 9pm on April 17 and will also be available on online streaming service NOW TV, is a comical polemic - where Micky lets his mind wander through the past and present to explore the big themes in life. Is there really such a thing as a mid-life crisis? Why do we Brits like to think of ourselves as plucky underdogs? Can you offend a German, and does a leather waistcoat have any place in modern society?
This is Flanagan's second documentary series for Sky 1 and follows on from the success of Micky Flanagan's Detour de France in 2014,  which saw Micky undertake the ultimate test of man’s endurance, the French, as he pretended to cycle his way round France.
Flanagan said: “Two years ago I was asked by 7 Wonder and Sky to get back on my bike and make a TV show, I told them to f**k off and bought a dog. But then I got thinking… about serious stuff… the kind of stuff Adam Curtis or Huw Edwards would make a show about – and that’s what this series was meant to be, a series that would make people say ‘Aristotle, Sophocles… Flanagan'. Somewhere along the way however I ended up getting spanked by a dominatrix in Slough and dancing with gay disco terrorists in LA. So I guess this is my way of saying if you want a comprehensive, fair or balanced point of view, if you’re looking for the truth - watch Jeremy Kyle - but if you want to see a middle aged man dressed in short shorts plastering a wall with Eddie The Eagle – you know where to come.” 
Adam MacDonald, Director of Sky 1 said: “We're so chuffed to be welcoming Micky Flanagan back to Sky 1 as he explores the great themes of our time, and takes us on his journey through the inner workings of his mind covering despair, joy, owning a dog and dressing head to toe in leather. One thing is for certain - it will definitely have us all thinking, talking and laughing.”
7 Wonder Executive Director Mike Reilly said: “We are delighted to be teamed up with Sky and Micky once again. After working with Micky on his wine-fuelled butter-eating tour of France I didn’t think our crew’s health could withstand another shoot– but I am delighted to report that we all survived principle photography and that Micky is funnier and healthier than ever. It’s always a pleasure working with Micky, he has one of the sharpest minds in comedy and always surprises and delights his audience in equal measure.”
Thinking Aloud is a 7 Wonder and Sky co-production for Sky with Micky Flanagan & CKP’s production company Double Busy.  Mike Reilly is the series director and Michelle Crowther the series producer for 7 Wonder. The show will be co-executive produced by Christian Knowles for Double Busy, Alexandra Fraser for 7 Wonder and Shirley Jones Commissioning Editor for Sky. 


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