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Update 30/10: I've spoken to John Moloney since he announced his plans below and he is blown away by the positive response. He has had messages of support from comics all over the world who have come up against ageism in their country and even more fabulously, someone who wants to remain anonymous has told John they will stump up the requisite grand for comics taking part who don't have that sort of money knocking about... 




John Moloney is aiming to get more stand-up comedians over the age of fifty onto television.

The veteran London comic has posted the following on Facebook: “£24,000 venue hiring/publicity costs. I will approach credible TV Producers and Production companies who have good links with broadcasters. 24 acts all over 50 doing 10 minutes each. That's £1k investment from each act. Done and dusted in one night. Don't get bogged down with logistics at this point, people, go with your soul. Stranger things have happened. And you get a recent high profile TV credit, which a lot of clubs and corporate bookers want these days. Comics don't flinch at investing thousands in why not a grand for a fantastic show reel, and be in the TV series?"

The plan would be to make eight or nine 24-minute broadcastable epiodes which a production company would take to a broadcaster.

Television has been notoriously obsessed with giving airtime to younger comics in recent years. When the last series of Live at the Apollo was broadcast a petition was set up to get veteran stand-up Jeff Innocent on the show.

As it happens Moloney’s own career has enjoyed an upswing in recent years. He has had his own series on Radio 4 and won the gong for Outstanding Achievement In Stand-Up in the UK Comedy Awards in December. On November 7 he is compering a benefit gig at the Comedy Store featuring a line-up that includes Jim Davidson.

Since posting his plans on Facebook Moloney has had a very positive response with a number of experienced comedians saying they would be up for idea. Producers have been in touch too. The challenge might still be to persuade a broadcaster to air the programme once it is filmed. Moloney already has the working title for it though – “Dead at the Apollo”.

Picture by Andy Hollingworth.

(Hat tip to journalist Claire Smith for pointing out this story).




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