Interview: Matt Richardson Reveals More Details About Celebrity Haunted Hotel

More details have been revealed about Celebrity Haunted Hotel, the forthcoming series being broadcast across the week on the W Channel in the run-up to Halloween. Comedian Matt Richardson will be part of the team alongside Christine Lampard and Jamie East. In this interview he talks about his new TV job and his own experiences of the paranormal. 

Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live launches on Thursday 27th October at 9pm for five nights until Halloween – Monday 31st October. Evening catch up show Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live: Do Not Disturb, presented by Matt Richardson, will air at 6pm from Friday 28th October.


Tell us a bit about the show and what might appeal to you?

Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live is putting celebrities into a haunted hotel and sending them out on tasks such as ghost walks, making them sleep in the haunted woods and exploring the paranormal – what could possibly go wrong? What appeals to me is that this show isn’t just about cheap scares; it’s all completely real with no special effects. Also, I’m hosting the spin-off show – Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live: Do Not Disturb - so lots of opportunity to point out when celebrities get scared and laugh in their faces about it!

What can we expect to see in Do Not Disturb?

Me really pushing the boundary at what’s acceptable at 6pm! I’ve done family shows before, but Do Not Disturb is quite early and it’s live - I’ve never hosted something live alone before. It’s W’s funeral!

Have you any paranormal stories of your own?

I was about 14 or 15 when we decided to make our own Ouija Board at school. There was a guy present I’d never met before and he wasn’t touching the board. We were talking to this guy’s Grandmother and he asked “If it’s my Grandmother, what’s my Grandfather’s name?” and the board got it right. We decided that was the time to stop. I’m really excited to try that again.

Are you a sceptic or a believer?

I’d say I’m a sceptic. I’m not a believer, but I think I sensed a ghost once on a ghost walk. I felt someone walking up behind me and looked around, but there was no one there. So I’m a sceptic, but talking about it makes me feel weird, makes me go all funny. My head’s a sceptic, but I think instinctively there’s something there that probably does believe a bit of it.

How would you normally spend Halloween?

One of my friends usually has a massive fancy dress party because his birthday falls on Halloween, so I’d normally go there. But I’m going to miss it this year to come and do this, which I’m more than happy to do. I hate fancy dress. I hate it with all of my soul.

What if they ask you to do fancy dress on the show?

Well they’d need to pay me more money.

Are you looking forward to working with Christine and Jamie?

I’m very excited to be working with Christine for the first time, as I am with Jamie - but then I see him every day, it’s just like business as usual with Jamie. Jamie is a very cool man; he’s the man I aspire to become. Interesting fact: Jamie’s oldest child is my age.

Have you got any advice for the celebrities going into the hotel?

Just go in with an open mind and be prepared for weird stuff to happen.

Is there anything you’re really afraid of happening during the show?

I’m quite frightened about going to this village; it’s meant to be pretty scary. I’d love to take part in all of the tasks, but I would be petrified.

Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live launches on Thursday 27th October at 9pm for five nights until the grand finale on Halloween – Monday 31st October. Evening catch up show Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live: Do Not Disturb will air at 6pm from Friday 28th October for 4 nights. Watch the action unfold across W’s social channels - @LiveOnW, #CelebHauntedHotel. 


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