News: How Romesh Ranganathan Found His Spirit Animal

Comedian Romesh Ranganathan has revealed how he stripped down to his underwear for the second series of Asian Provocateur.

In the follow-up to the acclaimed first series he travels across North America with his mother Shanthi meeting relatives and exploring different cultures. At one point he had to walk through Mexican woods to find his ‘spirit animal’.

He recalled the experience in an interview with the Radio Times: “We had to go into a sweat box – like a sauna, but a rudimentary brick dwelling – and they raise the temperature to the point that you nearly die and then you stay there until you find your spirit animal....I just pretended I was a horse to get out…”

It worked until they “demanded evidence”. Ranganathan responded by galloping around in his pants. “If you’re in your pants being a horse and you don’t get a Bafta, I don’t know what you have to do."

Read the full interview here.

Asian Provocateur is available on BBC Three later this month.

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