How To Pronounce Hans Teeuwen...

Hans Teeuwen’s eagerly anticipated UK tour starts at the Soho Theatre tonight. Many of the early dates are already sold out but there should be some tickets available for later shows if you click here and scroll down.

It is hard to put what Teeuwen does into words. To say that he is an absurdist given to pulling faces and making odd noises between being outrageous and telling oddly surreal stories does not do him justice. And he may not be quite like that now anyway. The word is that his latest show, Real Rancour, is his most accessible work to date. According to a recent interview in the Guardian it will include comic characters and autobiographical stories as well as his trademark absurdism and some material about Islam - Teeuwen is passionate about free speech. If you are thinking of seeing him - which you should be - it is probably a good idea to know how to pronounce his name so that you can tell all your friends. This short clip below should help…

Picture by Eva Boeter Lachen. 


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