Opinion: Edinburgh Comedy Award 2016 Shortlist Predictions

The lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Award shortlist will be announced at lunchtime today. In previous years I’ve had a go at predicting the nominations. In some years I’ve been pretty close and in one year my list was mistaken for the real thing, but let’s not go there…

This year it really is too close to call. Apart from about two names who I feel confident will make the cut, it is more wide open than I can ever remember. It would not be a shock if the nominees are completely different to this group. While I’ve called this list of six names my Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination predictions it feels more like the six names I’d like to see on the list. And by the way, it doesn’t have to be six names, it could be more. Or less. So while we wait for the white smoke to emerge from the chimney at the Balmoral Hotel or something, here are my names. In no particular order. And definitely my names, not the official ones. 

Oh, and if you aren't happy about the official choices, don't blame me, I'm not on the panel this year. A list of this year's judges are here.

Al Porter

Nish Kumar

James Acaster

Kieran Hodgson

Michelle Wolf

Richard Gadd









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