Edinburgh Fringe - The Best Shows So Far

As usual I’ve seen more shows than I’ve had time to write about, so here is a round-up of my favourite shows so far. Some I’ve reviewed for the Evening Standard, some I’ve reviewed for beyondthejoke, some I’ve not had a chance to write up yet so this is an opportunity to flag up how good they are. Now read on and book your tickets…PS these are in no particular order, honest. And I'll follow up shortly with the shows I'm most keen to see. 







James Acaster

Master of the perfectly crafted flight of fancy. Don’t need to say any more about this but if you need more persuading read this review.

Pleasance Courtyard until August 28. Tickets here.


Richard Gadd

Gadd’s multi-media show last year was the buzz gig of the fest and he has gone one better with the sweatiest show on the Fringe 2016 in which he talks candidly about his own mental health issues and a traumatic event that turned his life upside-down.

Banshee Labyrinth until Aug 28. Info here.


Spencer Jones

There are plenty of pretentious clowns around, but jones is simply the silliest. This is a wonderful display of lunatic prop comedy which evokes the spirit of Tommy Cooper and Mr Bean but then does something complete new too. If you don’t laugh you can’t be my friend. Review here.

Heroes @ The Hive until August 28. Info here.


Darren Walsh

It is hard to choose the best pun merchant on the Fringe - Leo Kearse and Tony Cowards also do the business well - but Walsh swings it with a sympathy vote having injured his arm a week into the festival. He is currently performing his one-liners with a hands-free mic but his gags are still in full working order even if one limb isn’t.

Pleasance Courtyard until Aug 29. Tickets here.


Zoe Lyons

Club stalwart Lyons is in full effect in this show in which she discusses being a misfit all of her life but is now finally happy with the situation. Some lovely crowdpleasing routines and maybe the best Theresa May gag on the Fringe. Reviewed here.

Gilded Balloon until Aug 28. Tickets here.

Round-up continues here.

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