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  • 6. What do your parents/children (delete as applicable) think of your job?
  • Obviously my dad likes it, he really likes it cos he knows how much I like it. My mum too but they mainly like it because it’s a job and I don’t have any qualifications to fall back on so the fact I earn money when they felt like I was the lazy stoner kid at one point is why they’re really happy about it.
  • 7. What’s the worst thing about being a comedian?
  • For me it’s making mates with people and not seeing them for ages. I’ve made some of my best friends during comedy but you only see them every now and then if you’re lucky to be booked with them or obviously during Edinburgh. Also the other way because sometimes you’ve got to gig and it’ll be a mates birthday and they’ll be having a party but you can’t go because the people of Shrewsbury need to hear what I have to say about wanking for twenty minutes. But that’s only a small price to pay in the scheme of things.
  • 8. I think you are very good at what you do (that’s why I’m asking these questions). What do you think of you?
  • Thanks Bruce that’s really kind of you. Like I said I’m being really honest here so if you read this and it comes across arrogant I’m trying not to be. I think I’m ok but have a lot of potential. I’ve come a long way but have way further to go and the only way to do that is really challenge myself. That’s why I talk about harder topics than usual in my show this year. This show is me trying to work out how to do better stand up but still make it funny. When I was 16 and first started I thought I was incredible because I’d just signed with my agent but now I’ve learnt I’m good for a 19 year old but ok as comic but I have time on my side.
  • 9. How much do you earn and how much would you like to earn?
  • Bout thousand a month it can vary. Probably just over which sounds like a lot but once you take in train tickets and the price of drugs it ain’t a mad amount. I’d love to earn loads though. To not have financial issues I think would solve most my problems which is exactly what a stupid nineteen year old would think. My dream is to one day own a Lamborghini and if I ever did that I’d be dead in a week but what a week it would be.
  • 10. How important is luck in terms of career success – have you had lucky breaks?
  • I’m the luckiest guy in comedy. My whole career has been a huge amount of luck but at the same time when someone was there to see me I always did well. But have no doubts for my career yeah it’s all luck, I can’t speak for everyone else though because hard work does pay off. Some of the people who would be called successful have had no luck but worked hard.
  • 11. Alan Davies has said that comedians fall into two categories - golfers and self-harmers. The former just get on with life, the latter are tortured artists. Which are you – or do you think you fit into a third category?
  • I have never played golf nor have I self harmed but I get where he’s coming from. I suppose I’d fall into self harmer as every time I come off stage I analyse what went wrong rather than right but that’s called wanting to improve.  It can eat me up when I don’t do as well as I could of but surely that happens to everyone who has ever tried at something but saying that in general I’m fairly positive so guess I’m some sort of emo golfer.
  • 12. Who is your favourite person ever and why – not including family or friends or other comedians?
  • David Beckham.  For lots of reasons but mostly for that free kick.
  • 13. Do you keep your drawers tidy and if not why not? (this is to settle an argument with my girlfriend. If you've taken my side thank you in advance)
  • Clean if you’re hiding something otherwise messy.


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