News: New BBC Sketch Show From Vic & Bob

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are in talks with the BBC about making a new sketch show. Vic Reeves revealed the news in a podcast interview with Richard Herring at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Reeves explained that he had just had a meeting with the broadcaster about the show. "The BBC wants us to do a sketch show," he told Herring. He did not go into details but it sounded as if the format would have a more improvised feel than the sketch shows the duo made for the broadcaster in the 1990s. "I like the natural element where you don't really know what will happen, a making it up on the spot sort of thing."

Vic and Bob's last TV series for the BBC was the knockabout sitcom House of Fools which had positive reviews but was axed after two series and a Christmas special.

Reeves said that he keeps little notebooks and writes down ideas for sketches in them. Some are only four seconds long and "some are absolute dregs." He also dismissed the enduring description of his humour as surreal: "Surreal suggests dreamlike and it's not. It's an easy way out." As for his double act with Bob he said that it was very different to modern duos today: "He's an idiot and I'm a bit more idiotic. Now they are all clever. No one is prepared to be an idiot."

In a wide-ranging interview recorded just after the Brexit vote Reeves also claimed to have been given a lift from Glastonbury by Fred and Rose West, had rich ancestors and once bought Dr Who actor Tom Baker's house. Baker, he said, had a wealth of brilliant stories, "if only you could tell them..."

Listen to the full interview here.

Watch a classic Vic & Bob sketch here.


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