News: WiFi Wars Team Break Guinness World Record

Comedian Steve McNeil and Rob Sedgebeer have created a new Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously playing a single game of Pong. They broke the record of 251 by getting 286 people to play at the same time and received their certificate confirming it at the Royal Institution in London on July 22.

McNeil and Sedgebeer are the creators and hosts of WiFi Wars, the live interactive gaming show which is touring the UK. The technology used in WiFi Wars was originally created for the live incarnation of the McNeil and Pamphilon show Go 8-Bit. WiFi Wars was first performed as part of the Royal Institution’s 2015 Summer Programme after Steve and Rob’s appearance on their 2014 BBC Christmas Lectures. McNeil and his sketch duo partner Sam Pamphilon will also appear on the TV version of Go 8-Bit, the gaming show coming to TV later this year fronted by Dara O Briain.

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