News: Comic Swaps Edinburgh Fringe For Rio Olympics

Comedian Justin Moorhouse has cancelled the first part of his run in Edinburgh this year as he will be covering the Olympic Games in Rio.

Moorhouse was due to be doing his new show at the Gilded Balloon from the start of the Fringe but will now be commencing his run on August 17. Tickets here. Please contact if you have tickets for the earlier dates. 

Instead he will be flying down to Rio for the first two weeks of the Olympics to cover the games with Team GB and DFS before he hands the baton over to Reggie Yates for the final leg of their coverage.

Moorhouse's content will go out each day from the British House and will appear on the Team GB Facebook, and The DFS YouTube, Twitter and Instagram sites. The shows are being produced by Jack Brough at The Moment. Jack has previously worked on Celebrity Juice, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and The Rob Brydon Show. 


Moorhouse said “At this stage of my life I thought my days of Olympic participation were behind me, but no, anything is possible it seems. I cant wait to see what Rio and the British House has to offer and equally am looking forward to belatedly starting my run at one of my favourite places in the World - the Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh. Not a bad August hey? From Rio and the biggest multi-sporting event on the planet to the The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world” .



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