Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Sarah Callaghan

There was a real buzz around young, upcoming London comic Sarah Callaghan in Edinburgh last summer. Her breakthrough show, about dreaming of escape from her humdrum life, set out her stall as a sharp, imaginative stand-up with a big future ahead of her. When she did the show in London at the Soho Theatre Callaghan took part in our Rarely Asked Questions series and came across as a lippy, impatient overgrown adolescent with a bit too much attitude. Luckily she was also very funny too. As she is onstage. You can read that interview here. Although Callaghan would probably say don't bother and instead go and see her new show instead. It's called 24 and the blurb says: "Change your life in 24 hours? A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single cliché." Could this be her year?

Sarah Callaghan is at the Pleasance Dome from August 4 - 28, tickets here.




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