News: Kevin Bishop To Take On Ronnie Barker Role In Porridge

Comedian/actor Kevin Bishop is to take on the lead role in a modern remake of prison sitcom Porridge, which originally starred Ronnie Barker as repeat offender Norman Stanley Fletcher.

The casting has not been officially announced yet but Bishop posted a picture on Instagram this morning of a courtroom scene with the comment "Big Day!!" and the hashtags of 'Porridge' and 'Fletch'.

Earlier reports suggest that Bishop will play Fletcher's grandson who is banged up for computer hacking. The new script has been written by original writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.

Porridge is one of a number of classic sitcoms being revisited as part of the BBC's celebration of sitcom this summer.

Bishop, who had his own C4 series a few years ago, is making a name for himself playing late comedians. He played Dudley Moore in a stage show about Peter Cook and Moore and more recently played James Beck, the actor who played Walker in Dad's Army, in the BBC drama We're Doomed!, about the making of Dad's Army.



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