News: The Truth About Russell Kane's Youth

Russell Kane has spoken out about people making jokes about his real age.

In a wide-ranging interview with Jay Richardson for Wow24/7 Kane explained that he looks younger than his actual age because of a collagen imbalance. It has been a running gag on the comedy circuit that Kane is older than people think he is. In the recent BBC Three series Murder in Successville he was portrayed as living in an old people's home.

In the interview with Richardson he said that he had sometimes played along with the quips. He is now doing a live show addressing the subject, entitled Right Man, Wrong Age. “I couldn’t bring myself to outright fib but I certainly had fun misleading people. The reason for this big show is my biggest birthday ever. I’m 40, I don’t know why everyone’s so interested.”

He went on to say that the jibes had inspired him to be funnier than ever: “When people started taking the piss out of me, no­-one was more delighted than me because that’s when my comedy gland pumps twice the speed. Bang! A two ­hour show, all about age. Bring it!" 

It was also recently announced that Kane is to head the weekend schedule on Virgin Radio, which launches this week. The Saturday Show (Saturday, 10am to 1pm) with Russell and Angela Scanlon will feature music, comedy features and star guests.

Speaking of his forthcoming radio job, Russell said: ‘I’m buzzing like a bee on a Berocca to be involved with Virgin Radio. Angela and I can’t wait to get stuck into our weekend show; we plan on bringing a bit of controlled mayhem to music radio on a Saturday mornings. Also – I hope to bag loads of cheap Virgin flights and stuff like that. Love you, Dicky Branson!’

Tour dates here.




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