News: Philomena Cunk Joins BBC Shakespeare Line-Up

Philomena Cunk has joined the line-up of experts and academics contributing to BBC2's forthcoming month-long season marking of the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death. She will be fronting her own programme called Cunk on Shakespeare.

Cunk is best known as a contributor to Charlie Brooker’s Wipe programmes, where she regularly interviews intellectuals in her Moments of Wonder slot. In a report on climate change last year she worried that if news outlets kept reporting on global warming at the current rate we would run out of stock weather footage by 2050.

Cunk (actually comedian Diane Morgan) will be presenting the 30-minute documentary about the bard in her own inimitable style, talking to scholars about the playwright. 

The executive producers are Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones and the producer is Sam Ward.

As previously reported, the Shakespeare season will also include Upstart Crow, a Ben Elton sitcom starring David Mitchell as William Shakespeare.

The BBC Shakespeare Festival will start in April.

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