News: The UK Comedy Awards – Results

The winner of this year's Best Live Stand Up in The UK Comedy Awards as voted for by other comedians is Zoe Lyons.

Second place went to Jeff Innocent, who was beaten by just three votes. Third place went to 2015 Foster's Award nominee Seymour Mace. Gavin Webster, last year's winner who organised this year's vote said the following: "People worthy of a mention are Andy Askins who once again got lots of votes as did Carey Marx, Mark Nelson , Gary Little, Roger Monkhouse and Tom Stade. Well done Zoe you're a deserved winner this year. Have a drink tonight, your peers think you're a terrific comic. We got 168 votes in all so I'm well pleased with that effort." 

Best MC of the year went to Dan Nightingale. Joint second were last year's winner Roger Monkhouse and Danny Mcloughlin. Writing on Facebook Gavin Webster, who as last year's Circuit Comedian champion organised the vote, wrote: "Big respect to Roger who almost incredibly retained the MC award, to Mick Ferry for coming so close despite being more well known as a comedian rather than a compere and to the great Danny McCloughlin for coming so close once again. Well done though to Dan a worthy winner. I'll see you at a service station in January sometime with your prize!" 

The new category for 30+ years outstanding achievement in stand up went to John Moloney, who founded The UK Comedy Awards in 2013. After a lot of voting it became a straight fight between Otiz Cannelloni and Moloney, with Moloney pushing Cannelloni into second place. Third place went to Pierre Hollins. Webster wrote: "Well done John, richly deserved and you all know he was the one who started these awards where comedians vote for their favourite comedians in the first place. Well done to Otiz and to Pierre for pulling in so many votes as well and proving that they're very much respected and appreciated by their piers. Also a mention to fourth and fifth placed Fred McCaulay and Stu Who."

Webster added: "Merry Christmas comics it's been a pain in the arse yet at the same time a pleasure and a privilege doing this. Cheers."







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