News: ITV News in Lenny Henry/Ainsley Harriott Gaffe

Video: Lenny Henry As David Bellamy

ITV News is red-faced after it ran a story about Lenny Henry but featured footage of Ainsley Harriott during the report by mistake.

The story was a report on Henry receiving his knighthood at Windsor Castle but it was accompanied by a clip of Harriott performing at the Comedy Store. The footage was not shown during the +1 broadcast and is not on ITV's catch-up service.

The clip used inadvertently dates back more than two decades and features TV chef Harriott when he was in musical comedy double act The Calypso Twins.

A statement has now been issued by ITV: “ITV News apologises for the error broadcast in the lunchtime news package today regarding Sir Lenny Henry’s knighthood at the palace. This was the result of an error in the production process in a piece intended to celebrate Sir Lenny’s significant achievements in British entertainment.”

Watch the clip here.


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