Edinburgh Preview: Holly Burn

Holly Burn

There have been a lot of male performers in recent years who have excelled at immersive, madcap lunacy. Adam Riches, Nick Helm and Dr Brown spring immediately to mind. But this is a type of comedy that women seem less drawn to, though I sense that that might be changing. Take Holly Burn, for instance, who I last saw live alongside the equally deranged Brian Gittins. She is probably most famous for her viral send-up of Victoria Beckham, but Burn has a fearless streak onstage which means that anything goes. It's a comic talent that she also put to great use in the ITV2 series Bad Bridesmaid in which she played the wedding guest from hell, pushing the nuptials to the brink of catastrophe. Burn's latest show, I Am Kirsty K, sounds a little like a spin-off of that monstrous character. The gig is billed as Kirsty "performing the first leg of her recently dead nan's memorial tour", which pretty much says it all.  Brace yourselves for lashings of comedic anarchy.

Holly Burn is at Just The Tonic Mash House until Aug 30, tickets here.


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