News: Jason Alexander Takes Over From Larry David In Play

Jason Alexander

Seinfeld star Jason Alexander is to take over the lead role in Fish In The Dark, the Broadway comedy written and currently starring Seinfeld co-creator Larry David. 

The production is a big success and its run has been extended. David will play Norman Drexel for the last time on June 7 and then Alexander will take over at the Cort Theatre. Alexander is best known, of course, for playing George Costanza in Seinfeld. The character is generally regarded as being Larry David’s screen alter ego.

Alexander issued the following statement regarding the announcement: “I left Broadway 25 years ago because Larry David co-created the show that would change my life and career. It is totally amazing that he also created the show that would bring me back to Broadway. I am thrilled I get to do this hilarious play for him and with this wonderful cast. It is quite simply more fun than any bald man should have.” David said: “I was thrilled when I heard he was replacing me. Finally I can enjoy the show.”


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