Ed Gamble Forced to Remove Hot Dog From Tour Advert

Ed Gamble Forced to Remove Hot Dog From Tour Advert
Ed Gamble Forced to Remove Hot Dog From Tour Advert

Comedian Ed Gamble has been forced to change the posters for his forthcoming London gigs so that they can run on London Underground advertising sites.

The original ad for the shows entitled Hot Diggity Dog feature the Off Menu co-host wiping a dribble of sauce off of his face while he sits with a half-eaten hot dog on his plate. However, Transport for London regulations forbid fast food being featured on posters in an effort to tackle childhood obesity so the hot dog has now been replaced by a much healthier cucumber.

Gamble posted the pictures here on Instagram and explained the situation: "TfL told me I couldn’t have a hot dog on my poster to promote my @hackneyempire shows in June. I guess I’m dangerous? So I’ve replaced it with a cucumber. Eat your greens, kids!"

A TfL spokesperson said: “We welcome all advertising on our network that complies with our published guidance. Following a review of the advert, we advised that elements would need to be removed or obscured to ensure it complied with our policy. A revised advert is now running on the network and we are always happy to work with people to ensure adverts follow our policy.”

The pictures are promoting his London run at the Hackney Empire from June 25 - June 29. Buy tickets for all of Ed Gamble's tour dates here.

Pictures: Instagram/@Edgamblecomedy



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