Lou Sanders Calls Dancing On Ice Atmosphere 'Toxic'

Lou Sanders Leaves Dancing On Ice And Social Media Is Angry

Comedian Lou Sanders has caused a kerfuffle by describing the atmosphere backstage at ITV1's Dancing On Ice as "toxic".

She was being interviewed by Holly Willoughby and Stephen Mulhern when she came out with the answer. Fans of her unpredictable off the wall humour will assume that she was joking but plenty of people on social media thought she was being serious. There wre also complaints on X, formerly known as Twitter, that, as with last week's shows, the judges marked her lower than she deserved.

Luke, also known as @fansfavourites said; "lou saying the backstage atmosphere is toxic? they can laugh it off all they want but we all know the truth! this evil show will be exposed."

@roscoeleebarnes said: "Toxic bloody hell Lou #DancingOnIce".

Helen Tope wrote: "Toxic!" I do love Lou Sanders #DancingOnIce

Gary Enfield wrote: "Toxic” haha I see what they did there. #DancingOnIce"

Luke wrote: "i need lou sanders through to next week just to piss the evil judges off #DancingOnIce"

He got his wish. In the ended the judges saved Lou in the skate off. Sanders survived for another week while Claire Sweeney and Colin were voted off. Oti Mabuse said: "Congratulations to you both, I think you worked really hard and come so far. I am going to save the person with the most content and for me that is Lou and Brendan."

Luke also had a conspiracy theory about the show: "making lou sanders dance a waltz, a dance notorious for being in hold, on a show that regularly penalises women for not skating by themselves was a choice. they want her gone and it’s so obvious. she’ll be getting all my votes #DancingOnIce"

@charter65 addressed the voting issue writing: "Lou Sanders undermarked for the 3 week running . Shame on the judges ! #DancingOnIce"

And Jamie wrote: "Do the judges hate Lou Sanders or something? What the heck #DancingOnIce"

Daning on Ice is on ITV1 on Sundays
Watch Lou Sanders below

Picture: ITV1



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