BBC Recommissions Russell Kane's Evil Genius Podcast

BBC Recommissions Russell Kane's Evil Genius Podcast

Following the TV series version for Sky History, Russell Kane is back in the driving seat once more with a brand new 12 episode series of the hit BBC podcast, Evil Genius.

Available on BBC Sounds in January 2024, this will be the eighth series for Kane since the show launched in 2018. Evil Genius has dissected the reputations of everyone from Boudica to Bowie - and consistently pops up on the top of the UK podcast charts.

Russell Kane says: “I can’t say exactly which dead famous people my panel of funny guests will be judging… but let’s just say I expected to be trolled like Billy Goat Gruff on a rickety bridge. “At what point does the greatness become less important than the bastardness?” That’s the question the new series will again be tackling.”

In each episode, Russell, alongside his celebrity panel, will interrogate the reputation of a famous face from history in order to determine whether they’re sinned against or a sinner.  By the end of each episode, Russell will call upon his panel of celebrities to cast a vote and settle, once and for all, the burning question: Evil or Genius?

Evil Genius is produced by Beth O’Dea and Sally Heaven for BBC Sounds and BBC Radio 4.

The TV version of Evil Genius is currently airing on the Sky History Channel on Mondays at 9pm with the full series (five episodes) now available to watch on demand.In 2024 Russell will also be releasing a brand new book Pets Selector! A hilarious guide to all the usual and unusual personalities of household pets, when choosing your very own cat, dog, hamster, rabbit and more!

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