Opinion: Can Dapper Laughs Come Back?

Dapper Laughs

As comedy goes it could not have been more meta if Stewart Lee had made a cameo appearance. Just when we thought we’d seen the last of him Dapper Laughs released a new video on YouTube on Christmas Day in which he returned to earth from a buxom wench-filled heaven and put his creator, Daniel O’Reilly in his place for attempting to kill him off by donning an existentialist’s black polo neck and appearing on Newsnight.

On the plus side it was actually quite a knowing, well-made clip, with Dapper having some good lines and O’Reilly blubbing and having difficulties with his hair. But does this mean Dapper really is back? Is this O’Reilly testing the waters for a full-scale return? The clip has had 288,000 views so far, so it appears to have raised a fair number of smiles over Christmas, even if some have probably viewed it with a sense of mounting horror.

But is there any chance that Dapper Laughs will be able to work his way back onto television in the future? Organised opposition to him has been well-documented and that is unlikely to change. Even if there is a groundswell of support for him it has been shown that there are enough objections to him that it is unlikely he will be embraced by the mainstream again. In his current form at least...

Maybe this post-modern clip is an attempt to launch Dapper Laughs as a more clear-cut cheeky chappy cartoon comic character – and to make it clear that he and Daniel O'Reilly are very different people, which was part of the problem the first time round. Can he do it? It could be one of the interesting stories of 2015. In the meantime, call me a polo-necked existentialist if you want, but I’ve got one major quibble with the narrative arc of the clip. The video shows Dapper Laughs being sent back to earth from heaven. I want to know how he was allowed into heaven in the first place. 


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