Review: Noel Fielding, Eventim Apollo, W6

Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding is at Brixton 02 Academy Dec 8 & 9. Tickets here. If you are going this review below contains a whiff of a spoiler.

In the middle of one of his flights of fancy Noel Fielding paused to acknowledge his own absurdity.

“I’m 41”, said the man in skin-tight trousers. He may think he’s getting old for this nonsense but he does it well.

Fielding’s solo show finds the Mighty Boosher lobbing everything into the blender. The pleasingly nutty first half included animations of David Bowie, regular collaborator Tom Meeten as Antonio “Tony Flags” Banderas and some relatively conventional stand-up, including the tale of a Costa Rican jungle adventure in which monkeys raced around “like mods”.

After the interval Fielding went on a hilarious audience walkabout in the guise of loudmouth cop Sgt Raymond Boombox. Gordon the Triangle (Meeten) was suspected of kidnapping Fielding as he was having an affair with Fielding’s wife, played — keep up — by Fielding’s real brother Michael.

It is all utterly childish but executed with such vaudevillian glee only the most committed curmudgeon could remain unmoved. Concerns that Fielding would seem diminished without his Boosh partner Julian Barratt proved unfounded. Long may he spout poppycock. Although he may have to switch to baggier trousers soon for the sake of his circulation.

This review first appeared in the Evening Standard here. Noel Fielding is currently on tour. Details here. He is at Brixton 02 Academy Dec 8 & 9. tickets here.


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