Edinburgh Fringe Review: Amy Gledhill, The Girl Before The Girl You Marry, Monkey Barrel

New Channel 4 Head Of Comedy To Speak At Animation Festival & Amy Gledhill To Host Award Ceremony

Amy Gledhill has had a pretty good Edinburgh Fringe. Her sketch group The Delightful Sausage has just been nominated for the Dave's Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show prize for the second time and Gledhill's solo show has landed her a Best Newcomer nomination. It's one of those quirks of the Award T&Cs that even though she has been up for the main award in a previous year she is still a newcomer as a solo act.

This does feel like it makes the Newcomer award a less-than-level playing field and Gledhill's experience does show in her confident performance. But does this matter? It makes for a better time for the viewing public, which should really be what the Fringe is all about and not about silly old prizes for best things.

In The Girl Before The Girl You Marry, the Hull-born comic takes a look back at her dating history and how she has often found herself with the wrong bloke in the wrong place at the wrong time. Particularly, it seems, during her teenage years, and we all know what an emotional maelstrom they can be.

Gledhill has a good ear for a winning phrase. She describes herself as a “human property developer”, the Sarah Beeny of blokes, doing them up so they are ready for their first proper relationship. There are tales of dodgy big blokes, the excitement of a new bloke, all sorts of recognisable scenarios. She also has a very distinctive anecdote about meeting royalty, which involves a wardrobe malfunction worthy of Janet Jackson although I don't think Ms Jackson's boobage make quite the same noise as Gledhill's.

The title however is slightly misleading as it seems that maybe now she is with the right person at the right time. Her stories about her current relationship are fuzzy, warm and affectionate even when things do not go quite to plan, such as when a romantic date is derailed when you least expect it. 

Gledhill fits neatly into a tradition of funny northern women, from Victoria Wood through to Sophie Willan, but she is also a unique voice in her own right. Her comedy is relatable, funny and slips down a treat. Make a date with Gledhill as soon as you can. 

Amy Gledhill, The Girl Before The Girl You Marry, Monkey Barrel, until August 28. Tickets here.

four stars



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