Comedian's Dildos Go Missing – Have You Seen Them?

Comedian's Dildo's Go Missing – Have You Seen Them?

Following our story yesterday that comedian Jack Gleadow's lost laptop had been suspected stolen and a crowdfunder campaign has been set up to help him, our attention has been drawn to another disappearance on the Edinburgh Fringe.

Sasha Ellen tweeted: "Today, performing at #edfringe2022, doing my stand-up show at #followthecow an audience member walked off with some props of mine. I’m doing a friendly, whimsical show about sexual harassment and a lady has walked off with 2 of my dildos.

When I realised that my lovely penises were missing, I told the @underbelly staff and my heroic front of house staff walked into the bar yelling “Sasha Ellen’s dicks! Has anyone seen Sasha Ellen’s dicks!”

After a preliminary search, Underbelly security were alerted and started walkie-talkie-ing each other about my dicks, promising to radio front of house if the lady who took my dicks was located.

I ran around Bristo Square and bumped into some of my audience members who confirmed that a lady took them after I reassured her they hadn’t been inside anyone… they have my Twitter handle on them in Sharpie, WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO WITH THEM?!

I sat in the dressing room and I ordered some more penises on Amazon and realised two things: inflation is a bitch and also if I wanted them to get them for the next show I would have to get them sent to Underbelly press office.

The press office were really nice about it. I left, realising that I had accidentally subscribed to receive 2 12’’ double ended dildos every 3 months. I don’t know how one wears them out in 3 months but I hope the lovely staff enjoy them."

As far as we know a crowdfunder campaign has not been set up yet to help her pay for her replacement her dildos. If you seen any around the missing items are Kinx Twelve Double Dong, 12.5 inch  Flesh coloured. Maybe they will be returned and the story will have a happy double ending.

Sasha Ellen: Creeps and Geeks is at the Underbelly, Daisy until 29 August (not 16) @ 4.15pm. Buy tickets here.



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