Edinburgh Fringe Review: Aaron Simmonds, Hot Wheels, Pleasance Courtyard

aaron simmonds

Aaron Simmonds' latest show is called Hot Wheels. To find out exactly why you'll have to buy a ticket, but it will be money well spent. Simmonds will get you laughing and will also make you think about your attitudes to disability. Maybe even rethink them. 

To give you a ball park idea of where the title comes from Simmonds has cerebral palsy and performs part of the set in a wheelchair. But he also performs his stand-up standing up, because he wants to dispel myths and preconceptions about people in wheelchairs being reliant on wheelchairs. Having said that though, he also loves his wheelchair – and also loves seeing drunks fall out of it when they try to have a go.

The show is essentially a series of colourful anecdotes, some linked well, some linked not quite so well. A highlight is his account of having tickets for the 2012 Paralympics, which in the end involved his brother faking disability so he could use Aaron's ticket. And he might have got clean away with it if only...well, watch and find out.

Simmonds is a skilful comedian, whether talking about his family, someone trying to "heal" him, or chatting about Dr Pepper – yes, for real – who said that he could not be specific about what CP might mean, except that it affected Simmonds' coordination so that - brace yourself for bad news – he would never be able to juggle. 

There are clearly more entertaining tales where these came from and there is a serious subtext too. The problem is not cerebal palsy, the problem is perception, he suggests. This is a show about positives not negatives and Simmonds has plenty of positives going for him. Including being a very funny storyteller.

Aaron Simmonds: Hot Wheels, until August 29. Buy tickets here.

three stars


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