New Short Film From Stand-Up Comic Will Mars

New Short Film From Stand-Up Comic Will Mars

Comedian Will Mars has made a short film entitled Now & Then based on his forthcoming Edinburgh show, Will Mars: My Life In One-Liners.

He has started to send the film out to a range of worldwide film festivals ahead of a public release scheduled for the spring of 2023.

"I began writing my current Edinburgh Fringe show at the same time as a sitcom pilot for the same show," explains Mars. "Both scripts have represented a departure for me into one-liner based autobiographical comedy. I've been developing this unique style on stage for a couple of years now and I've really enjoyed stepping into unknown territory and taking risks with it.

"The sitcom pilot was my answer to the age old industry question of "What next?"  After Edinburgh, I knew I'd want to tell the live show story to a much bigger audience and so I began work on creating the sitcom pilot symbiotically.

"The two scripts contain darker autobiographical themes made palatable with lighter one-liner humour. The story they share is one of a poor, working class upbringing and the difficult journey into adulthood that this created. The short film takes one of the main elements from the sitcom - fatherhood - and tells a story in the same way I've always experienced life: scenes of harsh reality and brief windows of comedic reflection.

"The process of creating it has been a cathartic joy and I guess whatever happens next will be my fault or my reward." 

Will Mars' Will Mars: My Life in One-Liners is at the Gilded Balloon from August 3 - 28. Details here.

Watch the trailer for Now & Then below




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