Interview: Cassetteboy

If you have a broadband connection you will have surely already seen this clip in which David Cameron's speeches are exquisitely edited to fit into the melody of Eminem's Lose Yourself. Last night it had had a million YouTube hits. I woke up this morning and the number had almost doubled. Cassetteboy - two publicity-shy comedians who want to hide their faces – have totally gone overground with this sample of spot-on satire. Beyond The Joke asked for an interview and while they were not prepared to meet face-to-face, half of the team, "Mike", did answer some questions via email.

1. How long did it take to put the clip together?

It was about a week.  We spend a lot of time watching the original speeches.  That's actually very hard work (even when we're not watching David Cameron) because we're just listening for individual words, rather than the meaning of the sentences.  We're especially listening out for words that have double meanings, or words that can be effectively changed into other words.  Once we'd collected a bank of samples that sounded like they might be useful (in this case about 30 minutes worth) we then spent a long time arranging and re-arranging them, trying to find combinations that rhymed, made sense, and were funny.  It's hard work.


2. Do you have any ideas for your next clip? 

Not right now.  Sometimes we'll start a project, do a lot of the preparatory work, then find that we can't make anything very good out of what we've found.  So we don't like to tell anyone what we're working on in case it doesn't work out.  But now the law has been changed to allow our sort of parody videos, we're hoping that our next video will be paid work, which will be a novelty for us!


3. Why do you choose to be anonymous and how many people is/are Cassette Boy?

There are two people in Cassetteboy.  We chose to be anonymous because we were scared of getting sued, basically.  Years and years before our first YouTube video we released albums, which mixed music with the sort of mashed up TV samples we use in our videos.  You name them, we sampled them, so we tried to cover our tracks as best we could.  Now the threat of being sued has more or less gone, but being anonymous makes everything more fun.  It means I can appear on the 6 O'Clock News wearing a giant cassette mask, for example.


4. Any response yet from Tory HQ? 

Not as far as I know.  Our twitter feed is still going crazy though, so if we got a congratulatory tweet from them we might have missed it.


5. What do you think they would think of it if they saw it?

If Cameron saw it, hopefully he'd think "What am I doing wasting time on YouTube, I've got a country to run?"  Although given the appalling things he's doing to the country, maybe it would be better if he spent all day watching funny cat videos.


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