Guest Stars Revealed For Hitmen Series Two

Stars Revealed For Hitmen Series Two

A stellar line-up of guest stars is set to appear in action-comedy series HITMEN: RELOADED, the second series starring Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins as misfits Jamie and Fran.

Joining the two best friends who also happen to be contract killers, is Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd) who stars throughout the series as best-selling author, lifestyle guru and one-woman brand, Kat Gaitskill, who is also a murderous psychopath harbouring a decades-long grudge against Fran for, as she sees it, stealing her childhood BFF, Jamie.

Also appearing throughout the series is Sanjeev Bhaskar (Goodness Gracious Me), Alex Lowe (Phoenix Nights) and Chizzy Akudolu (Holby City) as old school friends Robin Sharma, Danny Kemp and Tina Bartrum. Mathew Baynton (Ghosts) as out of work actor Keiran Roberts. Aaron Neil (Home) as international arms dealer Grant, alongside Nina Wadia (EastEnders) as spa owner and human trafficker Siobhan. Mike Wozniak (Man Down) appears as Michael and Jarred Christmas (The Joke Machine) as Australian sniper Leo.

After an action-packed first series, Jamie and Fran are back with a new van, new assignments, and a mysterious new client Mr V who seems to be providing them with an abundance of jobs. Meanwhile, after a school reunion, our heroes reconnect with an old classmate, Kat, and as the series progresses a new friendship between Kat and Jamie makes Fran increasingly jealous and suspicious. It’s bad enough worrying that someone is stealing your friend without also having to kill people for a living.

All episodes of Hitmen: Reloaded will be available from 29 September on Sky Comedy and streaming service NOW




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