Olga Koch To Co-Host BBC Tech Podcast

Olga Koch To Co-Host BBC Tech Podcast

Comedian Olga Koch and journalist Hussein Kesvani are set to present new BBC podcast Human Error. Each episode will get listeners up to speed with the state of technology today while drawing upon the knowledge of relevant experts.

Hussein and Olga will explore the biggest, most interesting and surprising tech stories as well as examining the unforeseen effects technological breakthroughs have had on communities across the world.

Human Error will take a deep dive into the tech world, covering topics such as; the world of bio-hacking, hate speech within gaming culture, the job of online moderators, the future and ethics of facial recognition software, the ways in which technology improves our health, wars taking place online rather than with violence, online anonymity and technology and the environment.

Olga says: “Oftentimes tech entrepreneurs spend a lot of time wondering whether or not they could, without stopping to think if they should. In Human Error, Hussein Kesvani, the Jeff Goldblum of the podcasting world, and I, the Jeff Goldblum of the stand-up circuit, finally stop to ask if they should. I sincerely hope listeners will enjoy our podcast as it answers hard-hitting questions like, what happens if you wi-fi enable your dog?”

Hussein says: “Human Error is a show about the weird, hilarious and unexpected effects of the technology we use, abuse and abandon in our everyday lives, and what it tells us about how we live as a society. If you find yourself up at night asking, ‘What happened to Microsoft Clippy?’ and ‘Will my Bluetooth Hoover turn on me in my sleep?’ It’s a must-listen.”

Human Error is a Daddy’s SuperYacht Production for BBC Sounds.

Human Error trailer is available to listen to here.

Episode 1 of Human Error will be available on BBC Sounds from Wednesday 28 July.



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