Radio Series For Jordan Brookes

Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Jordan Brookes has his own radio series. Jordan Brookes: On...starts on BBC Radio 4 on July 28 at 11pm and runs over four Wednesdays.

In Jordan’s own words: “Ever since I was born all I’ve ever wanted was to do a 4-part Radio 4 series going out at 11pm. My mum used to play Radio 4 at 11pm when I was in the womb and apparently she swears she could hear me laughing in there! She used to play me all the greats! The Boo-Boo Show, Benny Peters, Janet Du Crock, John, Window Man, 15 Minutes Of Blood-Curdling Screams. So it’s an honour to pick up where my heroes left off and continue the great tradition of entertaining the next generation of gestating minds. Yes, this is a comedy show for babies. Both small and big, young and old. The baby in the womb, the baby in all of us. Hope you enjoy it, you dumb babies.”

Here is an episode breakdown

Episode 1: Childhood

Wednesday 28 July.

Jordan Brookes talks about his childhood, and especially the unique bond he shared with his grandmother. Sunil Patel audio describes. 


Episode 2: Achievement

Wednesday 4 August.

The Edinburgh Comedy Award winner has lived quite a like, so is now using his experiences to teach others about what success is and how they too might achieve it. 


Episode 3: Dating

Wednesday 11 August

Jordan Brookesdispenses his pearls of dating wisdom for those who might enjoy/crave them. Sunil Patel is in the studio to provide audio description for any physical comedy that may result. And Jordan also welcomes a special guest from his past.


Episode 4: Mental Health

Wednesday 18 August

Jordan Brookes won the Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2019 but did it make him happy? In this episode of 'Jordan Brookes On...' Jordan talks about his own mental health struggles and how they have affected his life. Comedian (and friend) Sunil Patel provides any audio description that might be required.



Written by Jordan Brookes

Produced by Sam Michell

A BBC Studios production for BBC Radio 4

Starring Jordan Brookes, Sunil Patel and Scarlett Brookes



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