New Audible Book For Dom Joly

New Audible Book For Dom Joly

Dom Joly (Trigger Happy TV) is to release comic travel audiobook Such Miserable Weather exclusively on Audible later this month.

Released on 24th June, the audiobook follows Joly as he travels around some of England’s major towns and cities, exploring local places of interest, meeting locals and musing on what makes up this idiosyncratic country. From the wilds of Exmoor to the streets of Bradford, Bletchley Park to The Birmingham Coffin Works, this is a comedic tour of the nation as it really is.


Dom Joly has itchy feet. Again. He wants to get away. But, at the same time, something is nagging at him. He’s pretty sure he’s taken the country he lives in, England, for granted. As the Eighteenth-century Italian playwright, Carlo Goldoni once wrote: “A wise traveller never despises his own country”. But that was alright for Carlo. He lived in Venice.

Mystifyingly, 37.9 million visit England each year. Why? There’s basically nothing here. What are they looking for and what do they find? Dom decides to try to find out. To do something he’d never considered before: to treat England as he would any other country. Surely there’s more to England than a slightly dull, green and pleasant land. Surely, it’s not just fish and chips, Shakespeare and the Queen. Is it?

Maybe not, but there is one English cliché that’s definitely true: such miserable weather.

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