Opinion: The World's Weirdest Comedy Cameo?

Werner Herzog

German film-maker Werner Herzog has revealed that he will be appearing in the seventh series of the sitcom Parks & Recreation. At a Q&A at the Brooklyn Academy of Music he said that he had recently filmed his part: "Just ten days ago I acted in a tiny cameo part in a TV show called 'Parks and Recreation.”

The acclaimed director went on to say that his character is "an elderly guy who sells his decrepit house to the young couple who are the leading characters." He is relocating in order to move closer to Disney World.  

Herzog is most famous for his serious arthouse movies such as 1982’s Fitzcarraldo, about transporting a steamship overland in South America. He has previously shown that he has a dry, absurdist sense of humour. In 1980 he starred in the self-explanatory Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe – he made and lost a bet that if documentarist Errol Morris ever completed his film Gates of Heaven, about pet cemeteries, he would eat his footwear. 

This latest career move may be the most unlikely cameo in a comedy. Although Robert De Niro’s appearance in Extras was something of a surprise. Johnny Depp pitching up in The Fast Show was pretty off-the-scale. Another unlikely casting was another film director – David Lynch appeared in an episode of Louie, giving the comedian advice on how to be a talk show host. 

The seventh series of Parks & Recreation is due to air in America in 2015.



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