News: UK Tour Dates For YouTube Star Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings

US online superstar Miranda Sings has announced her debut UK tour this November. The tour starts on November 5 at Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall and finishes on November 16 at Glasgow City Hall. This follows her sold-out five-night debut at the Edinburgh Festival. She is also doing two shows at London’s Cadogan Hall on September 19 & 20 which are already sold out.

Miranda Sings, created by comedian and singer Colleen Ballinger, is a satire of increasingly common YouTube videos featuring mediocre or even bad, but egotistical, singers who film themselves singing as a form of self-promotion, and who ignore the realistic or cruel comments of "haters" commenting on their videos.

From Tacoma, Washington, she sings comically off-key, is self-absorbed and has a sassy attitude. She responds to viewers who take the videos seriously with the catchphrase "Haters back off!" telling her critics that they are "just jealous" and that "haters make me famous". The character includes facial tics, particularly unusually active eyebrows, a crooked smile and pronunciation quirks. In place of lyrics that she cannot remember, the character "scat" sings. 

For tour dates and ticket information click here.  


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