Stuart Laws And Matt Winning Launch Sitcom Retrospective Spoof Podcast

Stuart Laws And Matt Winning Launch Sitcom Retrospective Spoof Podcast
Inspired by the other sitcom stars who have taken a nostalgic look back at the show that made them famous (think Office Ladies and Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald), Stuart Laws & Matt Winning provide the fans of their 2009 sitcom Shopping Centre with behind the scenes gossip, fresh insights into old episodes & rivalries as well as exclusive interviews with celebrity guest stars.
Everyone remembers the wildly successful sitcom Shopping Centre (2009-15), which is lucky, given that it's not on any streaming services and most DVDs were destroyed in a wildly successful arson attack on the warehouse where they were housed. The stars of the show and real-life best colleagues, Stuart Laws & Matthew Winning, reunite to watch each episode and provide the adoring fans with fresh insight and enjoyment of the show that changed lives.
Expect audio clips from the sitcom, interviews with the stars and crew, information on tiny details that even the most eagle-eyed fan might have missed and the explosive answers to those burning questions that Shopping Centre enthusiasts have been asking for years. Episode 1 tackles the pilot episode of the sitcom and explores how both Stuart and Matt were cast in the show off the back of their early stand up comedy careers.
Stuart says: “A chance to relive the glory years of being the star of a beloved sitcom was tantalising and I just knew that Matt would jump at the opportunity to join me and discuss the luck involved in his casting and how he managed to make his three or four lines of dialogue per episode really sing.”
Matt says: “Stuart got in touch, begging me to join him on this trip down memory lane, so I said: yes, as long as I don’t get offered any extra work then I should be able to record a few episodes here and there.”
Producers Turtle Canyon Comedy will be releasing the podcast through Global and have lined up an incredible six episodes for this first series, with a second series following soon after. With six series of the sitcom to explore, with all the drama of the Best Boy strike disrupting the second series, the controversies and sexism of the early episodes and the subsequent film failures of Stuart’s career are all explored. The podcast brings to mind shows like The Office Ladies podcast and Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald.
Stuart Laws and Matt Winning have worked together on live sketch show I Am Wario in 2016 and have been regulars at the Edinburgh Fringe for the last decade. Matt recently had a kid and Stuart had a vasectomy, so they got different vibes going on. Rhiannon Shaw is also part of the creative team behind the podcast and recently wrote with Stuart on his Leicester Comedy Festival Best Show nominated Single Father of None, as well as writing for The Daily Mash, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Wales.

Listen here.




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