News: Unforgivable Guests Tonight

News: Unforgivable Guests Tonight

Mel Giedroyc and her trusty sidekick Lou Sanders ppresent another edition of the chat show where guests cut to the chase and come out with their most shameful confessions.

Sara Pascoe reveals a truly terrible lie she told about having leukaemia to get out of work experience, Chris Kamara tells how he burnt his parents’ house down and Jo Brand divulges how she was responsible for putting a guy she hooked up with on holiday in prison. There are tales on how Jo used donkeys to deliberately hurt children, how Kammy’s wedding day didn’t go quite to plan, and how Sara used a storyline from The Bill to get out of trouble when she was caught shoplifting.

Sara Pascoe will be returning later this year with another run of her show. Comedy Central UK has re-commissioned play-along panel show Guessable? Sara Pascoe will be joined by John Kearns as her assistant and Alan Davies and Darren Harriott returning as team captains.

The second series will continue to feature both quick-fire and discursive guessing games, and see two celebrity teams competing to identify the famous name inside a mystery box.

Unforgivable with Sara Pascoe, Chris Kamara, Jo Brand, Tuesday, March 16, 10pm, Dave.


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